Out of Ivy: How a Liberal Ivy Created a Committed Conservative       By Travis Rowley
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Praise for Out of Ivy
"To say that our elite colleges and universities are mired in a toxic stew of left-leaning intolerance, indoctrination, and identity politics is to indulge in a cliche. Indeed, the decline and fall of higher education has been a recurring theme of conservative criticism, from William F. Buckley's 'God and Man at Yale' to 'The Closing of the American Mind' by Allan Bloom. But it is not until the publication of this book that we have our first insider account of what it is like to actually live at one of these universities."

Stephen Beale (Brown 2004), New Hampshire Union Leader, Foundation for Intellectual Diversity, president

"Like his opinions or not, Travis Rowley's memoir of life as a conservative undergraduate (and football player) at Brown University, perhaps the most predictably liberal major university in the country, is immensely entertaining. With great vividness, his story presents America's culture wars with youthful outrage, humor, disillusionment, and hope - all informed by intense observation and high energy. Mr. Rowley's description of incidents on Brown's politically correct campus are by turns hilarious, infuriating, and intriguing as he provides one of the sharpest and most detailed inside looks at elite higher education seen in a long time, Tom Wolfe's 'I am Charlotte Simmons' included. There are few powerful college interest groups - sexual, ethnic, political or otherwise - that Mr. Rowley won't take on with glee. This guy is a gladiator against PC, and his show would fill the Roman Coliseum, or at least make some parents wonder whether to pay so much to send their kids to fancy colleges. William F. Buckley Jr. launched his career with 'God and Man at Yale.' Travis Rowley, though a regular guy and no would-be Mandarin, may have done the same with his adventures at Brown."

Robert Whitcomb, editorial-pages editor, Providence Journal

"During his collegiate life, Travis Rowley was obviously one of the few on College Hill who proudly wore both a Brown sweatshirt and a brown shirt. Out of Ivy will leave anyone who isn't far left or far right alternately slapping their forehead and slapping their knee. It is nice to know that there are indeed Ivy League conservatives who have a terrific sense of humor. In Out of Ivy, Travis wears his heart on his rolled-up sleeve."

Chip Young (Brown 1972), author of Phillippe and Jorge's Cool, Cool World (Providence Phoenix)


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